How It Works



Cab Comparison is the taxi fare comparison website and App.  Our smarter taxi fare calculator works out the fixed cost of your journey from multiple local taxi companies.   

These fares are then presented to you as well as reviews from fellow passengers to allow you to make an informed choice of which company to choose.  Booking a taxi with Cab Comparison is stress-free and will save you time and effort compared to calling lots of taxi numbers to gather quotes. 

Simply input your journey details, view the best rates and select your taxi provider.  It really is that simple, and most importantly, it's FREE to use.  Here is what you get when you book a taxi with Cab Comparison:


You want value for your money so we allow you to compare real-time quotes from fares pre-set by local taxi companies to get a fixed price for your journey.


You don’t want to wait so we give you access to multiple local taxis companies all vying for your business so there is always a taxi ready to pick you up as and when you need.


Safety is prime. We work with fully licensed, vetted taxi and private hire operators only. This is the best way to ensure our customers can move safely and hassle free.